Who is Tom Fodi?

Husband. Father. Pastor. Chaplain. Community Builder.

20161104_193938-01Born and raised in the Steel City, I grew up in a culture forged with loyalty, tenacity, ingenuity, and a healthy dose of unabashed pride. In 2001, I graduated from Northgate High School convinced I was headed for a life following in the footsteps of many in my family by serving in the military. All that changed when I experienced the life transforming, liberating message of Jesus.

Desperate to know more about this God I previously avoided, I enrolled in Bible College and discovered an affinity for pastoral ministry and teaching. Bible College led to seminary, seminary led to ordination, and before I knew it was not only serving in various forms of professional ministry, I was commissioned as a chaplain in the US Air Force.

military1In 2011, I voluntarily deployed for an extended tour of duty at a pivotal time in the War on Terrorism assisting with the historic mass exodus of allied forces from war-torn Iraq. It was during this experience and my time in the Air Force much of what I believed to be true about war, peace, liberty, authority, and the government’s role in these matters dramatically shifted.

20161015_140003-01Since separating from the military, my life’s work has been dedicated to serving the cause of liberty, both temporal and eternal, advocating for the growth and health of my community, and celebrating the joy of life with those I love most. Today, I am a husband and father before all else. I am the pastor of an amazing faith community called The Hills Church. We like to consider ourselves a “fresh expression of God’s love for Pittsburgh.” Throughout the week I serve as a hospice chaplain for Bethany Hospice, providing spiritual care for Pittsburgh area patients with life-limiting conditions. I founded and remain a partial owner of Dignity Home Care Professionals, a company serving the needs of Pittsburgh area seniors and bringing a sense of dignity and compassion back into the senior care industry. I am also active in community leadership and local politics, currently serving as an elected borough councilman in Bellevue, PA.

This website serves as an outlet for information worth sharing with those interested in it. Thank you for visiting!