10 Year Anniversary Service & Jesus Headlines: A Tale of Two Entries, 11 October 2020

Today, is a big day in the life of The Hills Church. Today we celebrate our church’s 10 year anniversary! We are also celebrating via an all too rare in-person gathering. The video of the service was not broadcast live as many of our services are. This is an archived video filmed, yesterday, October 10.

Additionally, the message during this service was a continuation of our Jesus Headlines series. Every year in the spring the church celebrates the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. It was a monumental moment in the ministry of Jesus. It was the moment Jesus announced publicly his true identity. However, it was also a very revolutionary moment. There are so many layers to this story that often go forgotten. Did you know Jesus had a second entry? Yes, a second major entry into an important place for the Jewish people. Join me for more as we explore “A Tale of Two Entries.”

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