Yellow Celebration: A Combined Online Worship Experience – 17 May 2020

According to our state government, the Pittsburgh region is now in what they’re calling the “condition yellow” permitting some additional liberties in terms of how many can gather in a space at one time. We’re not out of the Covid-19 woods yet, but boy does it feel good to gather with some familiar faces and create something special and different after more than two months of isolation. I was so grateful for the desire of Ed Gratton and Eddie Provident of Hazelwood Christian Church and CSF-Pittsburgh, respectively, to do this collaboration with us at The Hills Church.

During this service we not only worship with the amazing vocals and guitar playing of Kavan Pyle and Kaitlyn Salmon, but we also spend some time reflecting on how our different ministries collaborated together to create our independent online worship experiences. It was a special time and I hope it is an encouragement and blessing to you!