Grace: It Unites Us (a quarantined reflection on Galatians 2:1-10) – 3 May 2020

We are quarantined. We are isolated. We are enduring a global pandemic. And, we are also incredibly divided. We can’t seem to agree on anything. Should the government do this or do that? Where are the limits? How much can we take before it all boils over? Paul’s world was also incredibly divided. Actually, when we think of just how polarized the Republicans and Democrats are today, it pales in comparison to the hatred between Jews and Gentiles. Yet, the gospel of Jesus was a gospel for all. This new faith, the Christian faith, which Jesus established, is offered to all regardless of background. In digital church service today, Kavan and I reflect on the actions Paul took to confront some of the divisions he faced head on.

Oh, and, something very special happens in this service. Something I won’t soon forget. A special shout out to my brother in the faith and partner in ministry, Kavan Pyle, for the special birthday surprise!