Don’t Fear the Reaper, Between Death & Resurrection – 22 September 2019

Last week I kicked off a new message series on the theme of death at The Hills Church. During the first message, I spoke at length about the role Satan plays in death. Jesus identified Satan as the one who holds the power of death. Paul referred to death and Satan as “the enemy.” Contrary to popular western-Christian thinking, God does not take life (God did not need your child or loved one in heaven more than you need them on Earth). Death is the result of the temptation of Satan towards rebellion against God and sin. God is the author of life. Jesus said he came to offer life and life abundantly. Unfortunately, my recording equipment experienced some sort of technical difficulty during that message and it was not captured.

The message offered below is the second message in the series. In this message titled “Between Death & Resurrection,” I explore what scripture says about life after death but before the resurrection of the dead which is promised to occur upon Jesus’ return. I believe this message to be essential to the church as it is a theme we do not spend enough time discussing from a biblical perspective. I welcome your feedback!


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