There Is No Them, Part 1 and Part 2, 1 & 8 September 2019

The world is divided and angry. We don’t understand one another. We are afraid of one another. We hate one another. We have all dug deeper trenches and higher walls within our individual camps furthering the divisions and escalating the hate for those who are different than us.

But, God had a different idea in mind for the world and for his followers. There is a consistently recurring theme throughout the Bible that all seems to be summed up in the modern word “hospitality.”

When you read or hear the word “hospitality,” you probably think of the Holiday Inn or another major hotel or resort chain that has professionalized the “hospitality industry.” But, when the writers of scripture used the term we translate into “hospitality,” they had something else entirely in mind.

In this short, two-part “There Is No Them” series, I dove into the true definition of the word hospitality and what it means for followers of Jesus. I’m convinced it is a message the world, and in particular, the church, needs to hear today. Both messages are posted below. I welcome your feedback!

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