Four Frames. A Reflection.

I have this little nook on the third floor of my house that’s my own personal workspace. In the nook is a desk that sits beneath a couple of large windows that overlook the front of my house and give me a bit of bird’s eye view of my neighborhood. I love the space but the walls surrounding it have been bare for years. I’ve sat here writing, reading, reflecting and praying surrounded by nothing but white walls. I never really paid it much attention as I rarely care about such things until today when I discovered that Erin put some stuff on the walls. She decorated my little workspace with these four frames. Two of the frames hold my degrees, a Bachelor of Arts degree in preaching and church leadership and a Master of Divinity degree in Christian ministries. A third frame contains my ordination certificate. And, finally, the fourth frame is a piece of artwork of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns. As I sit here putting the final touches on tomorrow’s worship service, I find myself reflecting on these four frames. Three of the frames contain credentials I have earned. My degrees and my ordination are points of deep personal pride in my professional development. I worked hard to earn those documents that now adorn my wall. But, none of them have qualified me to do what I do and be who I am like the fourth frame. Without the crown of thorns, without Jesus tortured, crucified, and willingly sacrificed for my sins and victorious over death, nothing that I do or become would matter one bit. I don’t know if it was Erin’s goal to remind me of how little anything I’ve done or achieved matters when compared to the gift of God’s son, but I’m grateful she did. I am who I am and do what I do not because of anything I’ve achieved or earned but by what God has given me and to us all.

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