Freedom Flyer, Episode 7: Winter Conditions Flying Test

I’ve always been curious just how the DJI Mavic Pro would handle flying in the oftentimes blustery winter conditions found in western PA. Christmas Day was a cold one in our area and because I finally had some time off work, I figured I’d take the Mavic out for a quick flight around my in laws house. The flight isn’t long, but it served as a great test of the Mavic Pro’s ability to handle these treacherous conditions without much concern at all. Throughout the flight, the drone is flying in sport mode to compensate for the wind (without it, I couldn’t bring it back). The camera had some significant focus issues which I attribute to the snow and wind. Yet, despite the freezing temperature, howling wind, and falling snow, I had very little issue getting the Mavic Pro up and back safely. This drone is an absolute stud with how well it handles even under the most undesirable of circumstances.