Tom Fodi: A New Mayor for a New Bellevue

I’ve been made aware that some who see my yard signs or discover some of my literature are landing here after “Googling” my name in the pursuit of learning more about my campaign for Mayor of Bellevue. This is not the source for such information. This is my personal blog, which I will not take down or hide during or after the campaign. While I have historically used this site as an outlet for some Bellevue related matters, this is primarily a personal blog, an outlet for my other interests (ministry, theology, philosophy, macro-scale political ideology, intentional living, etc). Admittedly I don’t write as much as I could (or perhaps, should), but it’s an outlet I maintain nonetheless.

For those seeking information regarding my 2017 campaign for Mayor of Bellevue, please click here. If you would like to e-mail me with questions or concerns related to Bellevue and/or my role as a Member of Bellevue Council, please use the following address:

Thank you!

Tom Fodi

A New Mayor

for a New Bellevue