Flash from the past lands me live on the air

Ever have one of those random flashbacks where something you did or said years, even decades, ago comes flooding back into the present day? That happened to me today in a way I can’t believe. After a fairly long business meeting, I looked at my phone to find numerous notifications flooding my inbox. A friend was texting me to share that he just happened to be listening to the radio when, to his shock, I became the subject of conversation! And, as if that isn’t already completely random, I was even more dumbfounded when I learned I was the subject of conversation on 93.7 The Fan, Pittsburgh’s sports talk radio station.

I’m not an athlete. I’m not even particularly noteworthy. Why would anyone be talking about me on a sports station?!

I simply had to investigate. Because I just happened to be leaving a meeting a few minutes away from 93.7 The Fan’s broadcast studio and this was a rare occasion when I had a few minutes to spare, rather than calling the station or trying to email someone, I decided to stop in personally. After a couple of awkward moments explaining my reason for being there to a receptionist, someone who seemed to know exactly what was going on entered the waiting room and immediately pulled me into the studio. What happened next, you can enjoy with the video linked below…

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