Bigfoot and The Love of God


I’m doing something today I look forward to every year. However, as soon as I tell you what I’m doing, you’re going to laugh. You might even think I’m crazy. But, that’s okay. I’m comfortable enough in my own shoes to be myself around you, so here it is…

I’m going to the largest annual Bigfoot conference in America which happens to be held at Salt Fork State Park in eastern Ohio. Go ahead, laugh. It’s alright. I can handle it. I know, I’m not normal. But, if normal is hiding our true interests and personalities for the sake of acceptance, I don’t want to be normal.

I love going to this conference. Thousands (yes, thousands) of people gather from all over the country (the world, actually) to hear lectures about bigfoot, buy stuff celebrating bigfoot and bigfoot culture (yes, there’s a culture), and most importantly, network with countless other people who love all things bigfoot. It’s a fabulous time.

Honestly, though, none of the reasons listed above even come close to encapsulating what makes the Ohio Bigfoot Conference so great. The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is utterly fabulous because it is populated by people who are fully, completely, and entirely themselves. These are people who believe in, and some who even claim to have seen, an 8-9 foot tall bipedal creature roaming the North American forest. They’re out of the proverbial cryptid-closet and proud of it.

In terms of what’s considered ‘normal’ in society, what else is there to hide?!


There’s a tremendous amount of pressure to blend in with the crowd, to fit in, to hide what makes you, you. There’s nothing more refreshing than people who aren’t afraid to be themselves; completely and totally, themselves, no matter what people might think. While we might get away with wearing our “I’m perfectly normal” masks among our coworkers, friends, and neighbors, God knows who you are. God created you as you are. Your interests, talents, passions, experiences, and strange idiosyncrasies are completely and entirely unique to you. And, God loves you just as you are, so what is there to hide?

The prophet Zephaniah wrote, “The Lord your God is in your midst…he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with singing.”

God’s crazy about you. He loves you as you are. The things you’re proud of, all the way down to the sasquatch you’ve been hiding in the closet, he loves you through and through.  Be yourself. Be abnormal. Be downright weird. Be the person you were created to be and experience the fullness and freedom of the life God has in store.

And, if you’re looking for a church that’ll just let you celebrate the God who loves you, as you are, no questions asked, no expectations, no pressure, join us at The Hills Church which meets at Upper St Clair High School, in Pittsburgh’s South Hills. Our service starts at 10am. Hope to see you there!