Beginning with the End

New Years 2014

As we know, the beginning of a new year is a perfect time for resolving a fresh start. But, fresh starts without context, without history, can only lead to a repetition of the heartaches of the past. That’s why we absolutely must begin with the end.

They say, “Every end is a new beginning,” and it’s true. 2014 was a year of endings and transitions for my family and me. It was a hard year. Probably the hardest year of our lives. Though hindsight is 20/20 and the writing was on the wall for quite some time, it was still a year I never anticipated. We walked away from jobs without so much as a leaf to clutch, let alone a branch. We put distance to some toxic and taxing relationships. We stepped out on the ledge in a campaign to serve our community and worked tirelessly for months only to come up short.

We cried a lot. We hurt. We fell to our knees in desperation and prayer.

But, those prayers were answered.

2014 will not end in sadness or failure. 2014 is ending with a taste of what is to come, a taste of new life, a taste of resurrection, a taste of hope. Throughout the tumultuous year behind us, seeds were planted that have already begun to bud.

In May, I accepted an invitation to lead a small group of gracious, loving, and passionate people desperate to see the Kingdom of God make a difference in our city. Without a nickel to spare, God has faithfully walked with us throughout the past year ensuring every bill was paid and cost covered. We have no doubt God has big things in store for this new church.

In November, though we were unsuccessful in our bid to replace an entrenched and well resourced incumbent in the Pennsylvania State House, a closer look at the results proved that we were successful in connecting the name Tom Fodi with community servant and worth supporting from across the political aisle. Despite a 4 to 1 deficit in party registration, in many parts of the district we came away with a majority vote. District wide, after months of knocking on doors and actually conversing with thousands of people, we earned the trust and support of nearly 6,500 individuals from the community.

Also in November, I, and a team of entrepreneurs, officially kicked off a new business venture which is already making great strides towards becoming a premier service provider in its industry. We expect nothing but fantastic growth and success in the coming months.

As the dawn of 2015 rises over my family and our future is made known, I cannot remember a time when I was more excited by what God has in store. Though the seas were pretty rough at times last year, they have prepared us to better navigate and overcome the waves which are surely before us. Though, at times, the sting is still there, I am grateful for the heartaches and the challenges of 2014. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I know the coming year will be anything but easy, but if we’ve learned nothing else in 2014 it is that God truly is faithful. If we pursue His Kingdom first, He will never forsake us or abandon us.

In the words of the greatest entrepreneurial missionary and church planter in history, the Apostle Paul, “If God is with us, who can stand against us?”

See you in the morning 2015, we couldn’t be more ready for you!


  1. Carol Sokolsky

    What a year – and one of which I will always be thankful to have been apart, as we watched God do some amazing things in so many…..
    Thank you for being such an example of God’s love and for showing us that all we need to do is love people in order to show God’s love and further his kingdom.
    I may not be there often in person because of the miles, but I’m there in spirit and always holding you and the Hills up in prayer…..
    Happy New Year….!

  2. dslaz

    It has been quite a year indeed! I will forever thank God for you, Tom and your family for helping keep the Hills alive. I am excited to see where we will be as a church family this time next year. Thank you again.

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